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We are a full-service leasing firm owned and operated by RockStar Apartment Locators, LLC (a Texas Limited Liability Company registered with the Texas Secretary of State and licensed to conduct business in the State of Texas). All Apartment Locating firms must be licensed Real Estate Agents.  RockStar Apartment Locators holds a license to conduct Real Estate Services issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission ("TREC").  Our license number issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission is 9002885.  All Licensed Real Estate Agents with our firm hold their license through RockStar Apartment Locators, LLC.  Additionally, and while not required by TREC, our agents also hold a National Designation of Board Certified Realtors.  We offer full disclosure regarding all of our policies, procedures, gift and reward programs and terms of service through this website. If at any time you have questions regarding any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact us at 469-317-1650. The following Disclosures, Disclaimers and Terms of Service apply.

Our clients are provided free apartment locating assistance from one of our Board Certified Realtors. This service is free to our clients because our professional commission is paid by the participating apartment communities. In some instances, the apartments pay a non-traditional commission to RockStar Apartment Locators, and in those instances we sometimes offer various rebates and participation in various marketing promotions.  

                                                                           Third-Party Data

     RockStar Apartment Locators, LLC proudly offers the most comprehensive and updated apartment data available online. The apartment data that RockStar Apartment Locators, LLC provides its customers is supplied and updated by a third party data provider. This includes all rental information, specials, availability, and all other community data that is made available to customers through our website and/or agent assistance. Although RockStar Apartment Locators, LLC makes reasonable efforts to ensure this data is updated regularly, we cannot and do not claim to guarantee the accuracy of this data.

                                                                    Non-Payment by Property

        As a third-party Realtor, there are occasions where an apartment community refuses to pay a commission we believe is owed.  Sometimes it is because the tenant did not list our name as the referral, or other reasons listed above.  If for any reason a property decides not to pay RockStar Apartments, LLC its commission, this will constitute a retraction of our free move/rebate offer. If a property decides not to pay our referral commission for any reason (i.e. - if you break your lease, do not pay your rent, are evicted, etc.), then RockStar Apartment Locators, LLC reserves the right to not offer any previously advertised promotional gift, which is subject to RockStar being paid a commission for our professional services. RockStar reserves the rights to change its policies, procedures and programs at any time without advance notice.

                                                 An Equal Housing Opportunity Company

        Per policy, RockStar Apartment Locators, lies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations including the federal Fair Housing Act.  RockStar Apartment Locators, LLC is an Equal Housing Opportunity and we encourage users of our site to follow appropriate guidelines to comply with both the Federal Housing Act, as well as any applicable state and local regulations. All renters are hereby informed that all property rental offers are available on an equal opportunity basis.

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